Is the Sun rotating? Follow the sunspots!
The Earth rotates on its axis, giving us night and day – but what about other celestial objects like the Sun?
Reading the Rainbow
Rainbows are beautiful. By learning about how they work you can learn new things about what is shining the light.
One Million Earths inside our Sun
Students will learn how to build a model of the Sun, which can fit nearly 1 million little Earth balls.
Measure the Sun's Rotation Period
How much time does it take the Sun to complete a full rotation?
Birth of a black hole
How are black holes formed?
How do astronomers detect invisible black holes?
What would happen if the Sun was replaced by a black hole?
What are dark matter and dark energy?
Dark matter and Dark energy (Part 1) – Discovering the main components of the Universe
What is the Universe made of?
Children's Planetary Maps: Venus
Learn more about our nearest neighbour