Category: Physics

Compare the size of the Sun and the Earth building and using a pinhole camera.
Build a homemade spectrometer to discover light
Learn about light and spectra building a spectroscope with a CD!
By understanding how rainbows work, you can discover about light and its properties, learning about stars, nebulae, galaxies, and our Universe.
A simple model experiment to understand what makes a planet habitable.
Learn what would happen on Earth if all the ice melted!
Observing what gravity is doing to the Universe
A literal Earth-Shattering experiment that will make us understand impact craters!
Air takes up space even though you cannot see it.
Learn how energy can be transformed into various forms.
The amazing technology of fibre optics: what has it done for technology here on Earth and in observing space?
Levitate an astronaut with the power of magnetism!
Create craters and explore the lunar landscape with this hands-on activity.