Type of Learning: Problem-solving

A tinkering workshop to create a collective artwork with light
Find the exoplanet and determine its size using data from the Spitzer Space Telescope!
A hands-on introduction to how to read maps of other planets made by space missions.
Learn how to build a model of the Sun...which can fit nearly 1 million little Earth balls!
Lets' investigate gravity, dark matter and dark energy with some very simple experiments!
What are black holes and what would happen if the Sun was replaced by one of them?
How do astronomers detect invisible black holes?
Let's investigate the nature of dark matter and energy with gravitational lensing!
How do satellite-based positioning and GPS navigation work?
Build a timeline of the all Universe!
Build a model of the Milky Way to discover what our galaxy contains.
Build an hourglass to understand what time is and how it can be measured.