Skills: Communicating information

A tinkering workshop to create a collective artwork with light
Let's learn how stars in constellations move through time using real astronomical images.
Learn how to age craters with this Predict, Explain, Observe, Explain Activity!
Let's build a model of the Sun with plasticine and get to know our star!
An educational interdisciplinary game to drive a rover on Mars
Learn how to build a model of the Sun...which can fit nearly 1 million little Earth balls!
Learn how the Vikings used the sky to navigate at sea with a hands-on activity!
A simple model experiment to understand what makes a planet habitable.
Learn what would happen on Earth if all the ice melted!
Are our oceans turning to acid? Lets' learn how water turns in acid and back.
How do satellite-based positioning and GPS navigation work?
Learn how radar altimetry from satellites works and how to put landscapes on paper.
How do satellites take images of the Earth surface and how do we analyse and use them?
Learn about climate from data and graphs
How did Arabian sailors navigate at sea?
How to navigate at sea like an explorer?
The air circulation system: how are winds created?
Play with maps, moving your country to another planet!
Unveiling the mystery of "shooting stars": meteors, meteorites and meteroids
Have fun, building asteroids using clay!
Learn about our furthest neighbors from planetary maps
Learn from maps about the only other known body in the Solar System with seas and lakes
Use maps to learn about the most geologically active world in our Solar System
An up close look at our own satellite using planetary maps!
Learn more about our nearest neighbour
Learn the ancient skill of Celestial Navigation
Measure the distance to an asteroid with a novel technique
Let's observe the evening sky with the naked eye
Air takes up space even though you cannot see it.
Create your own music inspired by images of space.
Make your star hat, learning about the stars
Build a satellite to learn what they are made of and their uses.
Play a game of card and learn about the Sun and planets.
Build an Earth-Moon-Sun mobile to learn about how they orbit.
Learn about constellations by building a star lantern.
Build a timeline of the all Universe!
Build a model of the Milky Way to discover what our galaxy contains.
Build a sundial and discover how time can be measured.
Let's see how the Moon always keeps the same face towards Earth!
Investigate the effects of light pollution on night sky observation.
Build a scale model of the Solar System on your city map
Why is the Sun's shadow so important?
Make a model of the Solar System planets using household materials.
Let's think about the night sky and write a poem related to astronomy!
A virtual journey to space to learn that we live on a tiny planet, in a vast and empty space.
Explore a tactile version of our home, the Earth, with household materials.
Explore the tactile version of our moon with household materials.
The basics of galaxy classification, using Hubble Space Telescope images.
Learn about moons of our solar system through art!
Measure light pollution observing the faintest visible stars!
Learn astronomical topics through the classic snakes and ladders game.
Create craters and explore the lunar landscape with this hands-on activity.
Explore day and night on Earth.
Explore layers of Earth's atmosphere.
Let's make a portrait of the Milky Way!
Explore the life-cycle of stars with Star in a Box activity.
Hands-on activity to measure the Sun by using household materials.
Explore the life-cycle of stars with Star in a Box activity.
Design an alien life form, suited for an extra-terrestrial world.