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Compare the size of the Sun and the Earth building and using a pinhole camera.
Let's build a model of the Sun with plasticine and get to know our star!
Like a "modern" Galileo, use true astronomical satellite observations to discover if the Sun (and other celestial objects) are rotating!
Learn how to build a model of the Sun...which can fit nearly 1 million little Earth balls!
Find out the Sun’s rotation period, applying the simple equation of average speed to a real astronomical case.
Learn how the Vikings used the sky to navigate at sea with a hands-on activity!
A simple model experiment to understand what makes a planet habitable.
Demonstrate the seasons on Earth using a model.
Make your star hat, learning about the stars
Play a game of card and learn about the Sun and planets.
Build an Earth-Moon-Sun mobile to learn about how they orbit.
Make a model of the Solar System planets using household materials.
Build a safe Sun viewer using cheap household items
Explore the tactile version of our star; the Sun with household materials.
Counting Sunspots using real solar images and data.
Hands-on activity to measure the Sun by using household materials.