Skills: Using mathematics and computational thinking

Find the exoplanet and determine its size using data from the Spitzer Space Telescope!
Compare the size of the Sun and the Earth building and using a pinhole camera.
An educational interdisciplinary game to drive a rover on Mars
Learn how to build a model of the Sun...which can fit nearly 1 million little Earth balls!
Find out the Sun’s rotation period, applying the simple equation of average speed to a real astronomical case.
Learn how the Vikings used the sky to navigate at sea with a hands-on activity!
How do satellite-based positioning and GPS navigation work?
Learn how radar altimetry from satellites works and how to put landscapes on paper.
How do satellites take images of the Earth surface and how do we analyse and use them?
Learn about climate from data and graphs
How to navigate at sea like an explorer?
A literal Earth-Shattering experiment that will make us understand impact craters!
Learn the ancient skill of Celestial Navigation
Measure the distance to an asteroid with a novel technique
Understand astronomical distances using street lights
Use a globe to describe your position on Earth.
Build a timeline of the all Universe!
Counting Sunspots using real solar images and data.
Hands-on activity to measure the Sun by using household materials.