Type of Learning: Discussion Groups

Compare the size of the Sun and the Earth building and using a pinhole camera.
Build a model to learn what light pollution is and what its effects are.
A hands-on introduction to how to read maps of other planets made by space missions.
What are black holes and what would happen if the Sun was replaced by one of them?
Learn how the Vikings used the sky to navigate at sea with a hands-on activity!
A simple model experiment to understand what makes a planet habitable.
Learn what would happen on Earth if all the ice melted!
Learn how radar altimetry from satellites works and how to put landscapes on paper.
How to navigate at sea like an explorer?
The air circulation system: how are winds created?
Learn the ancient skill of Celestial Navigation
Let's observe the evening sky with the naked eye
Build a satellite to learn what they are made of and their uses.
Design an alien life form, suited for an extra-terrestrial world.