Keyword: light

Let’s reveal hidden rainbows around us and the physical processes that make them!
Discover the invisible light with SKAO, the largest radio telescope in the world!
A tinkering workshop to create a collective artwork with light
Let's discover telescopes and experiment simple optics
Compare the size of the Sun and the Earth building and using a pinhole camera.
Build a homemade spectrometer to discover light
Build a model to learn what light pollution is and what its effects are.
Learn about light and spectra building a spectroscope with a CD!
By understanding how rainbows work, you can discover about light and its properties, learning about stars, nebulae, galaxies, and our Universe.
How do satellites take images of the Earth surface and how do we analyse and use them?
Investigate the effects of light pollution on night sky observation.
Why is the Sun's shadow so important?