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Compare the size of the Sun and the Earth building and using a pinhole camera.
Learn about light and spectra building a spectroscope with a CD!
Like a "modern" Galileo, use true astronomical satellite observations to discover if the Sun (and other celestial objects) are rotating!
Find out the Sun’s rotation period, applying the simple equation of average speed to a real astronomical case.
Lets' investigate gravity, dark matter and dark energy with some very simple experiments!
What are black holes and what would happen if the Sun was replaced by one of them?
How do astronomers detect invisible black holes?
Let's investigate the nature of dark matter and energy with gravitational lensing!
A simple model experiment to understand what makes a planet habitable.
Learn what would happen on Earth if all the ice melted!
Are our oceans turning to acid? Lets' learn how water turns in acid and back.
Why do oceans play an important role in mitigating global warming?
How did Arabian sailors navigate at sea?
Observing what gravity is doing to the Universe
The air circulation system: how are winds created?
Unveiling the mystery of "shooting stars": meteors, meteorites and meteroids
A literal Earth-Shattering experiment that will make us understand impact craters!
Learn the ancient skill of Celestial Navigation
Understand astronomical distances using street lights
Demonstrate the seasons on Earth using a model.
Air takes up space even though you cannot see it.
Find out why, in the summer it is cooler by the sea than on the land!
Investigate the properties of carbon dioxide with this fun demonstration.
Why is the Sun's shadow so important?
Learn how energy can be transformed into various forms.
The amazing technology of fibre optics: what has it done for technology here on Earth and in observing space?
Hands-on activity to measure the Sun by using household materials.