How Many Stars Can You See at Night?
Investigate the effects of light pollution on night sky observation in your area.
Driving on Mars
An educational interdisciplinary game to drive a rover on Mars
Sun’s Shadow
Learn about Sun's shadow through observation.
Where on Earth am I?
How do satellites work?
Reading the Rainbow
Rainbows are beautiful. By learning about how they work you can learn new things about what is shining the light.
Globe at Night Activity Guide
Learn to observe and record the faintest visible stars to measure the light pollution.
Build a Safe Sun Viewer
Build a safe Sun viewer using cheap household items and learn why it is dangerous to look directly at the Sun, even briefly.
A View from Above
How do we take photos of the Earth surface?
How Light Pollution Affects the Stars: Magnitude Readers
Build a Magnitude Reader to explore the magnitude of stars.