Children's Planetary Maps: Titan
Learn about the only other known body in the Solar System with Seas and Lakes
Children's Planetary Maps: Venus
Learn more about our nearest neighbour
Children's Planetary Maps: Mars
Learn about the planet with the biggest volcano in the solar system
Children's Planetary Maps: The Moon
An up close look at our own satellite
Children's Planetary Maps: Io
Learn about the most geologically active world in our Solar System
Children's Planetary Maps: Pluto & Charon
Learn about our furthest neighbors
Country Movers – Visualizing Spatial Scales in Planetary and Earth Sciences
Move your whole country to another planet
The Engine of Life
What make a planet habitable?
Create Your Own Astro-Music
Create your own music inspired by images of space.
Design Your Alien
Design an alien life form suited for an extra-terrestrial world.
Solar System Model
Make models of the solar system planets using household materials.
Lunar Landscape
Create craters and explore the lunar landscape with this hands-on activity.
Creating Asteroids
Fun learning activity to build asteroids using clay.
AstroPoetry Writing
An activity combining English and science to encourage students to think about the night sky to help them write a poem related to astronomy.
Blue Marble in Empty Space
Students are taken on a virtual journey to outer space to experience that we live on a tiny planet that floats in a vast and empty space.
Dark matter and Dark energy (Part 1) – Discovering the main components of the Universe
What is the Universe made of?