Type of Learning: Guided-discovery learning

Discover the secrets of Earth's climate zones with a hands-on experience
Who will win in the epic battle between gravity and other forces?
Discover the invisible light with SKAO, the largest radio telescope in the world!
Let's observe the Moon and learn how to measure its motion with simple observations and tools!
Find the exoplanet and determine its size using data from the Spitzer Space Telescope!
Let's discover telescopes and experiment simple optics
Let's make a simple model of the Orion constellation
Build a homemade spectrometer to discover light
Let's learn how stars in constellations move through time using real astronomical images.
A hands-on introduction to how to read maps of other planets made by space missions.
A game of cards to understand powers of 10 and the very diverse scales in Nature
Let's build a model of the Sun with plasticine and get to know our star!
Learn about light and spectra building a spectroscope with a CD!
An educational interdisciplinary game to drive a rover on Mars
Learn how to build a model of the Sun...which can fit nearly 1 million little Earth balls!
Lets' investigate gravity, dark matter and dark energy with some very simple experiments!
Let's investigate the nature of dark matter and energy with gravitational lensing!
How do satellite-based positioning and GPS navigation work?
Observing what gravity is doing to the Universe
Play with maps, moving your country to another planet!
A literal Earth-Shattering experiment that will make us understand impact craters!
Measure the distance to an asteroid with a novel technique
The basics of galaxy classification, using Hubble Space Telescope images.
Design an alien life form, suited for an extra-terrestrial world.