Level: Informal

Who will win in the epic battle between gravity and other forces?
Discover the invisible light with SKAO, the largest radio telescope in the world!
A game of cards to understand powers of 10 and the very diverse scales in Nature
Learn about light and spectra building a spectroscope with a CD!
By understanding how rainbows work, you can discover about light and its properties, learning about stars, nebulae, galaxies, and our Universe.
Learn how to build a model of the Sun...which can fit nearly 1 million little Earth balls!
Lets' investigate gravity, dark matter and dark energy with some very simple experiments!
What are black holes and what would happen if the Sun was replaced by one of them?
How do astronomers detect invisible black holes?
Let's investigate the nature of dark matter and energy with gravitational lensing!
Measure the distance to an asteroid with a novel technique
Understand astronomical distances using street lights
Create your own music inspired by images of space.
Why is the Sun's shadow so important?
Measure light pollution observing the faintest visible stars!
Hands-on activity to measure the Sun by using household materials.