Erik Arends, Deirdre Kelleghan, Sarah Roberts, Jaya Ramchandani, Angela Perez, Tasneem Rossenkhan, Tibisay Sankatsing Nava, Vivienne Kolman, Monica Turner


A game of cards to understand powers of 10 and the very diverse scales in Nature
Have fun, building asteroids using clay!
Make your star hat, learning about the stars
Build a satellite to learn what they are made of and their uses.
Why is the Sun's shadow so important?
A virtual journey to space to learn that we live on a tiny planet, in a vast and empty space.
Levitate an astronaut with the power of magnetism!
Build a safe Sun viewer using cheap household items
Learn about moons of our solar system through art!
Create craters and explore the lunar landscape with this hands-on activity.
Understand the mystery of black holes through a hands-on activity.
Design an alien life form, suited for an extra-terrestrial world.